Blond Absolu range by Kérastase

Ultraviolet Care for Bleached Hair: The New MUST-HAVE range for Blondes

Fibers are deeply healed and restored by hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower. Ultraviolet neutralizers tone down brassiness and illuminate your desired blonde.

Bain Lumiere, illuminating and cleansing shampoo 250ml - €27.20

Bain Ultra Violet, powerful purple shampoo for removing brasiness 250ml - €27.20

Cicaflash fondant, intense fortifying and conditioning treatment 250ml - €36.90

Masque Ultra Violet, removes brasiness while deeping hydrating and restoring - €43.00

Cicaplasme, leave-in cream seals split ends, controls frizz and protects from heat - €31.00