Hi, I have fine, extremely oily / greasy hair. I wash my hair every morning, however it often looks like it needs another wash by the time I get home from work. What shampoos and products you would recommend for my hair?

Thanks so much, Fiona.


Hi Fiona, managing oily hair can be made a whole lot easier by simply using a shampoo that has the right ingredients. Parabens, sulphates and silicones are very common ingredients in supermarket brand shampoos. These ingredients coat the hair giving the illusion of smoothness. The problem is, that over time these ingredients build up weighing the hair down. This is an added problem when your scalp is naturally producing excess oils.

Clarifying shampoos are excellent for removing any build up on the scalp and in the hair. A good clarifying shampoo will gently cleanse while staying extremely kind to colour. Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash is a detox clarifying shampoo. Enriched with Tea Tree, it is perfect for soothing irritable scalps. It is also sulphate, silicone and paraben free, making it kind to colour so you will not notice any additional fading. The absence of these ingredients has another benefit. This shampoo can be used on hair with keratin bond extensions. As mentioned, the absence of sulphate means the keratin bond will not break down. Making it an excellent choice if you have hair extensions.

The Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash is perfect for oily hair, frequently washed hair, irritable scalps, coloured hair and hair extensions.

Considering your hair is fine and oily, I would recommend using a very light conditioner. The Kevin Murphy Staying Alive Treatment is a lightweight spray in conditioning treatment. It is so light, it can be used as a leave in treatment. However, In the case of very fine / oily hair I would recommend leaving it in for 1 – 5 minutes before rinsing. Spray into the mid lengths and ends, leaving it completely off the roots. This treatment will keep the ends of your hair hydrated and prevent your hair from becoming brittle and snapping.  The Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash and the Kevin Murphy Staying Alive Treatment are 2 fantastic products for addressing oily roots while keeping mid lengths and ends strong and healthy.

You can find them here & here


Hi, I was wondering which product is best for keeping highlighted blonde hair bright? I would like something for daily use as I wash my hair every morning.

Thank you, Sarah.


Hi Sarah, The Redken Blonde Idol range are fantastic products. The Sulphate Free Shampoo works wonders with blonde hair by removing any product build up, impurities found in water and daily grime.  Blonde hair tends to be more porous than darker hair and will absorb these impurities a lot quicker. This shampoo will gently cleanse your hair restoring the colour and natural shine. This shampoo is kind enough on the hair and scalp to be used every day. Check it out here

The Blonde Idol conditioners are tone based. The purple one is for ashen / platinum tones and the gold one is for warmer tones. Unlike other toning conditioners, you decide how much tone you want. The twist top allows you to determine how strong or weak the tone is. This is dictated by the dial which measures the strength of the tone. This is a really great toner as it does not grab on the ends like other products. I would recommend using this toner once a week. Check it out here

If you want something for daily use, I would strongly recommend the Redken Extreme Conditioner. It is a super light protein based formula that will strengthen and repair you hair but not weigh it down! And if you really want to treat yourself, the Redken Extreme Anti Snap is an extremely light leave in  treatment that is a miracle worker for blonde hair! It will help protect from heat and styling while adding an extra layer of protein protection. This is one product every blonde haired girl should have in the bathroom! Check it out here


I love the way my hair looks and feels after a salon blow dry, but I can never seem to achieve the same look myself. What tips and advice would you recommend?

Ellen. R.


This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Blow drying your own hair can be quite a daunting task especially if you don't have the right tools or know how. Firstly you will need to make sure you have a good quality hair dryer. A professional dryer will generally have more power and a range of settings. They also come with a slim nossle which controls the flow of air, allowing for a smoother finish. Secondly you will need a good hair brush. I am a huge fan of the IBIZA BRUSHES and have been using them for over 15 years. The difference is the quality. Each brush is made with natural boar hair and a cork handle. The boar hair distributes the natural oils in your hair for a super shiny finish, while the cork handle makes blow drying incredibly comfortable. There are a few easy steps you can take to reduce blow drying time and effort. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to blow dry their hair from wet. By hand drying your hair to almost 80% dry, you will dramatically reduce drying time. When 80% dry, take your hair in sections and work from the nape up. Keep the dryer facing down so the air flows over the brush. Allow the dryer to follow the brush in controlled movements and repeat until smooth. When you are finished, blast your hair with cool air. This will close the cuticle so it does not absorb moisture. Remember, hair is more likely to respond to styling when it is in good condition, so don't underestimate the benefits of a good shampoo and conditioner.


I recently gave birth to my first child, and a few months on the condition of my hair seems to be deteriorating. I have noticed that I am loosing more hair than usual and my hair line is looking more and more sparse. Is there anything I can do to prevent the hair loss? And will it grow back? Sam B.


Firstly congratulations Sam! This is an exciting time for you, the last thing you need is the worry and stress of loosing your hair. This is one of the most common issues experienced by women after pregnancy. The good news is that for most women their hair will grow back. Women loose on average of 50 – 100 hairs a day. The shedding process slows right down for many women during pregnancy, leaving them with thicker fuller hair. However the shedding process speeds back up post pregnancy, giving the illusion that you are loosing more hair than usual. In some cases, the follicles around the hairline can become dormant. This is why your hair line is looking sparse.

Nioxin is a complete range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments that are specifically designed to treat hair loss. I would recommend Nioxin 2, for noticeably thinning hair. If your hair is coloured or chemically treated, I would recommend Nioxin 4. Massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp for 1 – 3 minutes. This will encourage blood circulation and hair growth. Repeat with the conditioner, leaving in the scalp for 3 – 5 minutes. If you really want to give your hair growth an extra boost, use the scalp treatment once a week, leaving for 20 minutes before rinsing. These products really are fantastic and are available individually or as a complete Nioxin kit for €35.50 .

Check out the link to see the full range of Nioxin products. Click Here